about us

Working Experience

Since last 6 years, we cure more than 7000 alcohol, nicotine and drugs addicted patients. Without any side effects & complications our vision is to solve the problems of additions persons & his families. Not only for the treatment period but lifelong de-addiction basis. We use ayurvedic medication & ancient medication for complete cure from body & mind.Detoxify whole body, alcohol withdrawal management.We follow our 4 steps treatment.About Us

  1. Counselling & Meditation.
  2. Total body detoxification & alcohol withdrawal management.
  3. Ayurvedic medication & panchkarma.
  4. Rehabilitation follow up & help of our patients for entire life.

Our vision is to help for each & every addicted person & their families and see a addicted free world.

*Not known to patients medication service

Addicted person family members & friends can also use our not known to patients medication service in which members can leave the addiction without knowing the medication. They can use our medicine mix in food &f food products without knowing the addicted person. Leave the addiction of alcohol, nicotine, drugs & live life longer and healthy.About Us